Home-trip Day 1

S and I went to my parents’ place last week to attend my sister’s engagement ceremony. The trip was a memorable one and I would like to share the experience with you before I forget the intricacies.

On Tuesday morning, our train reached the city at around 7:45 am. Dad came to pick us in his car and it was nice seeing him after a long time. We reached home and met the rest of the family members i.e. my mother and sisters. Mom was busy preparing for a little get-together she was organizing at home. We took some rest, got ready and then had breakfast. The breakfast was tasty. In the afternoon, all my maternal aunts and uncles visited our place along with my cousins. Mom and dad had invited them for lunch. We had a nice time talking and having food together. One of my cousins had come to India after a long time. It was nice meeting him and having a chat with him. He is around 11 years old now and I must say he has grown up into a smart and decent kid. The best part about the get-together was that S was interacting so well with everyone. He made me a proud wife again 😉 The food was delicious too. I am a great fan of mom-made food like every other child in this world. No matter how old we grow, we all long for the food made by our mother, don’t we? 🙂 After spending some time, everyone left and we took some rest.

Later in the evening, two ladies from the parlour came to apply Mehndi. I just relaxed while one of them applied it on my hands. In the meantime, S just relaxed and watched television. He was happily enjoying the first day of his holiday break. After two hours, the Mehndi got dried off and I removed it. Yeah I know, I am like that 😉 I don’t like to keep it for long on my hands. Mama was asking me to keep it for some more time, but I removed it as soon as it dried off. Whether the color of the design turned dark or not is something that you’ll get to know in my next post 🙂


2 thoughts on “Home-trip Day 1

    • ha ha ha 🙂 Yes dear, you guessed right 🙂 I was also surprised when I saw my hands the next day in the morning.. The color had turned quite dark 🙂

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