Cleanliness fever!

Yesterday, I couldn’t sleep well at night as I was getting all weird dreams. I got a dream where the whole house is a mess and the bathroom is also so unclean. I am unable to stay in our house and finding options of moving out somewhere. It was a nightmare. I got so scared that I woke up abruptly and didn’t get sleep again for quite sometime.

I guess I have mentioned this in one of my previous posts that I am very particular about keeping the kitchen and the bathroom clean all the time. I clean up the kitchen slab and the gas stove after cooking. I wash the utensils very nicely. I keep the kitchen sink also very clean. Apart from all this, I like things to be kept at a proper place in an apple-pie order. There are little compartments that we have created for different kinds of stuff in the house. I like to keep the things back in place after use. If any place gets messy, I try to clean it up and make it neat.

When I was staying as a paying guest too, I made sure my room looked neat and nice. The landlady there often appreciated the way I took care of the room she provided us. She often said to me, “You room is always neat and clean. I don’t need to worry about it”. And, may be because of the cleanliness she maintained at the house I was able to stay there for 5 long years.

I have a lot of people in my life whom I got bonded to at some or the other point in life. I try to be there for them whenever they need me and also have fun times with them. But, when it comes to staying over at someone’s place I am not so comfortable. I like to go back to our place at night and relax at home rather than stay at somebody else’s place. If I see somebody’s house is really nicely kept, I don’t mind staying over, but otherwise I prefer not 😀

Before meeting S and getting married to him, I strongly wished for something. I wanted my life-partner to understand my cleanliness and neatness habits and totally respect them when we stay together. I am glad that S understands me well in this respect and does his best to keep things nice and neat. I am so thankful to God for that.

But, don’t know why, sometimes I dread that I might be put into a condition where the house will be untidy and my living will get difficult. Yesterday night was one of those times 😀 I know I should just let go and not worry about the future 🙂 Things will be taken care of!


8 thoughts on “Cleanliness fever!

  1. hahaha.. good that S is also a cleanliness freak like you 🙂

    In our case I am the one who is cleaning cleaning cleaning & PK is the one procrastinating or just staring at me while I clean the house.
    But once he starts, he cannot stop till I shout on him!! weird I know!!
    Need to say, with two guys at home(PK & BIL) it’s hard for me to keep the kitchen as much clean as I like and I have accepted the way it is until we move.. sigh!!

    • hehe 😀 .. I guess things will be better for you when you move to your new place 🙂 .. S and I generally spend half of the weekend only in cleaning …. I also enjoy doing it more when he accompanies in the work.. the same is with cooking.. if any day, he comes home early from work he helps me in the kitchen.. he says he’d rather spend time with me in the kitchen than rest on the sofa 🙂

  2. I too love my kitchen neat and in order. rest of the house I can manage in whatever state that is, but kitchen is a must to be clean. Thats the only reason I never let S inside the kitchen 😛

    I am always in awe at couples who are both together as far as cleanliness is concerned 🙂

    • hehe 😀 nice to hear that I have company GB 🙂

      Seriously. it is wonderful to have somebody like S as my partner.. he consciously does all the cleaning and enjoys it too 🙂 Touch wood!

  3. You sound like me. I cant stand a messy house either. It has to look clean, organized and beautiful. And dont worry about husband’s not understanding our cleaning habits. As long as we dont ask them to clean, they are good. 🙂

    • Nice to hear dear that you are like me… Would love to visit your house sometime.. hehe 🙂
      And thankfully, I really don’t need to worry about S.. S knows it well that I love cleaning.. and he also loves to do it.. So good for me 😉 ..

  4. Th’x for visiting me snow…Glad I came back to check 🙂
    I wasn’t a neat-freak until I stepped away from home for job. Once I owned my own place, I made sure it was spic-n-span. S-Man however, is one lazy guy and his threshold for a unclean house is way down the ladder where in I am always on the top. With time, he adjusted to my ways and I learnt to be patient with him.
    It’s funny that your last para reminded me of my sister who was one neat-freak but not any more…thanks to my 1.5 year old nephew.

    • S is also quite similar to me in this respect.. and I am so thankful to the Almighty for that 🙂

      Hehe.. Nice to know that you also have a sister like me.. You know what my younger sis is also like me.. Actually, she has always been like that.. I learned over a period of time..

      Welcome to my space!

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