A letter to a special one

Today, in the morning, I suddenly remembered a special person of my life and I broke down with tears in my eyes. The special person was my dad’s only sister. She left the world at a very early age due to an accident, but she has made a mark in our lives which cannot be erased.

I cried as I felt sorry for not having thought about her during the period of marriage. In the hustle-bustle of the marriage proceedings, I totally forgot that I had to have a little word with this special person of my life. I am sure she would have been very happy to see me getting married if she would have been present today. But, I am thankful that dad made sure that her photograph was placed at the ceremony so that we feel her presence and her blessings while the proceedings were going on.

I have a few things to say to you my aunt which have been there in my mind, but I have never expressed so openly to you. I was studying in school when we got the news that you are no more with us. I still remember I cried so much that night for not getting a chance to speak to you for one last time.

Today, I would like to confess that I still remember you. I remember you as a lady who was an epitome of love and strength. I remember you as the only lady in my life who could ride a Bajaj Scooter so gracefully. I remember you as a lady who went through tough times but still wore a smile over her face. I remember those weekends when I and sis visited your place and you showered so much love, just like a mother would do. I remember you looking after a grocery shop and a beauty parlour with so much dedication. I remember the little gifts you bought for us whenever you visited our place. I remember the times when you, dad and mom had long conversations over a cup of tea. Dad always looks up to you and asks us to become like you. Today, I understand what he means by that. “Be loving and strong at the same time. Give to your loved ones without expectations and strive hard for your living. Never stop working hard in life. Also, never forget to wear a smile on the face no matter how tough situations are”.

I have already entered a new phase of life and I am sure you are watching me from wherever you are. I have received your blessings. Thanks for being with us. You would be glad to know that your favorite kid from the family(my younger sis) is also soon going to enter a new phase of life. Shower your blessings upon her too πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “A letter to a special one

    • We are lucky Dil πŸ™‚ Sometimes do miss her presence, but when I just think of her and talk about her for a while with S I feel as though she is present around us in the form of lovely memories πŸ™‚

      Yes dear, sis is going to get engaged soon .. the marriage dates will be fixed later πŸ™‚

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