S and I

Our Sundays are very relaxing. The best part about them is the breakfast that we have on Sundays. We prepare omelette and fresh fruit juice in the mornings. After having that, we feel so happy and satisfied. That feeling lasts quite sometime and then we wait for the next Sunday only to get that feeling back 😀

Whenever we need to buy something, we put in a lot of effort to get exactly what we want. It might take days to get the right thing, but we keep trying and trying. Finally, when we get what we wished for, the feeling is totally inexplicable. After seeing that thing, the hard work and research seems really worth 🙂 This often happens to us when we plan for shopping something 🙂


6 thoughts on “S and I

  1. So nice Snow 🙂 I would love to wake up to a breakfast of omelettes and juice everyday!!!

    Its so much like me and S while reading your secnd para.. we too do an extensive reasearch before doing anything. That is one thing that I am quite proud of us 🙂

    • Seriously dear, I also feel it’s the best and the quickest breakfast 🙂
      And nice to know that you could relate to us in the way we research before getting stuff 🙂 It is surely something to be proud about.. It shows the level of patience and dedication one has towards what one wants in life 🙂

  2. PK usually cooks french toast(my favorite) on either Saturday or Sunday mornings with his tea and my Bournvita, even though he loves omlettes more than french toasts 🙂 And I love those mornings.. really 🙂

    • That’s so sweet of PK 🙂 I am sure you love those mornings 🙂 And guess what, I also often have bournvita while S has tea 🙂 Only sometimes, I ask him to make tea for me too 😀 🙂

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