Patience is a must!

A few weeks back, S ordered a pair of glasses from an online shopping site. He filled in the details related to the power while placing the order.

After some days, S received the glasses. He wore them. He felt uneasy while he was wearing them. He kept them aside. We visited a store close to our house and got the power of the glasses checked. There was a difference in power. S contacted the service counter, raised a complaint and sent them back. He placed a new order this time selecting a new pair of glasses altogether.

Again, the new pair of glasses was delivered within few days. This time also S felt uneasy after wearing them. We got them checked at the store where they informed that the power was right. S wore them again, but with no luck! There seemed to be some difference. S again called at the service counter and raised a complaint.

The online shopping site people arranged for a check-up. They sent their team to S’s office. They checked his power and the pair of glasses too. They realized that they haven’t taken the axis information from the customer on their site. In fact, there is no provision for giving the axis details on their site. This was a drawback in their ordering system. S suggested them that they need to incorporate this provision as it is very necessary. They thanked S for his inputs and assured that they would process them as soon as possible. Also, they took all the axis related details from S and placed a new order.

Today, finally, S received the new pair of glasses. They seem to be perfectly fine this time. I am so happy 🙂 I must say, S has a lot of patience when he needs to get things done. He never gives up at the first shot. He keeps trying till things are rectified. I love this quality of S. Also, during the process, he makes people realize what they need to do to ensure better customer satisfaction. Most of the times, people appreciate it and promise to work towards improvement 🙂


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