Little stories!

S and I generally have dinner, watch television for sometime and then go to sleep. Yesterday, I was so tired that I went off to sleep while watching television. This often happens when I do a lot of work during the day and don’t take any rest in the afternoons 🙂 S wakes me up. I get up, rush to the bed-room and fall asleep there 😀 The sound sleep that I get after the day-long work is total bliss!

Yesterday, my mother was talking to over the phone in the afternoon. We were discussing on some matter and suddenly I realized there is no response from the other end. I said, “Hello!”, to confirm that she is still on the call. She had fallen asleep while she was talking to me :D.I laughed and I asked her to take rest. I told her that we could talk later 🙂


8 thoughts on “Little stories!

  1. S does exactly like your mom.. he can fall asleep even while talking 😀

    I exactly know how great the sleep would be when you are so tired from a day long work. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  2. Ha ha ha …. Exactly 4 years back when I was single and mom and sisters were at native, I used to talk with almost 7 frens of mine on conf call 🙂 Trust me its more than 4 frens for sure every night… I never get sleep when alone and hence join the conf with my frens who are on night shifts and in hostels.. You know I have slept off during those calls due to my tiredness 🙂 I still cant blive how I slept off amidst those interesting calls and talks 😛 may b tiredness was at peak then 🙂 Those nights were awesome 🙂 This post reminded me of those days 🙂

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