Sharing a wish..

I have been very career-oriented in my life. I was really studious during my school and college days. I always did my best to score really good in my exams. When I started working, I gave the best at my work-place. I loved the kind of work I was doing and wanted to continue it after marriage too. But, due to some personal reasons, I had to take a break from work. My break got extended because of some health-related issues. I’m trying my best to recover from the illness. The doctors say it would take one year to completely recover from it, but I strongly believe I will surely come out of it soon. In fact, I’m already feeling good, but I do understand that I need to take rest for some more time.

During this period, there has been one person who has always stood by me and that is my husband. I feel really blessed to have him around. He takes immense care and keeps reminding me that I am totally alright already. His motivation keeps me going as every day passes by. Also, my mother calls up often to ask how I am doing and to talk to me for sometime over various topics. When she calls me, I do feel good. I like it when she tells me about her routine activities. During this phase, it is certainly a blessing to have her around though she is staying in a different city.

To keep myself busy and motivated, I do all household work and enjoy it too. I do not feel as though I am going through a period of illness since I have become strong over a period of time. I have recovered quite a lot because of my positive approach towards the illness. I strongly believe that medicines work well only when you are happy and positive. I spend little time everyday in thanking the Almighty for keeping me happy, energetic and positive. I have a wish, a wish to get back to working in a company. I am sure this period of illness rest\vacation will end soon and I will get back with a lot of energy and enthusiasm 🙂


13 thoughts on “Sharing a wish..

  1. I really wish you all the very best. Keep up your high spirits! You will be always in my prayers. I am sure you are going to be in a company so soon. Please stay positive like this and keep spreading the motivation. There is a thing or two I need to learn from you.

  2. Positive thinking leads to nothing but positive outcome. Keep up the good spirit and you will soon bounce back…remember nothing is permanent.

  3. Snow, I read this somewhere – “Everything in life is temporary, if things are going good enjoy it, if things are going bad, don’t worry, it won’t last forever either”

    All the very best dear.. Keep smiling & stay positive 🙂

    • Thanks a lot TP.. I loved your quote.. I’m trying my best to be hopeful and positive all the time 🙂 … Do believe that my wish will get fulfilled soon 🙂

  4. Even the word “Impossible” has “I’m Possible” in it.. My mother is suffering from an illness too, but is always spreading positive energy and happiness around 🙂 Love your spirit !

    • Thanks dear 🙂 And will pray for your mom.. She will be completely alright soon 🙂 … Take care! And welcome to my little space 🙂

  5. Being a working women and career oriented I know how hard it is to stay at home after years of working.. I wish you go back to your fav live as soon as possible…

    • Thanks a lot Sagarika for your wishes.. And welcome to my space.. It’s lovely to have you here and wish to tell you that you have gotten a wonderful name 🙂

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