Try out and learn ;)

These days, I look out for different restaurants in the vicinity of our house. I check out the menu and the reviews on the Food sites before planning a visit.

Recently, we visited a Punjabi restaurant which was given a very good rating on a Food site. The reviews were also pretty decent. When we reached the place, we were happy with the ambiance of the restaurant. We ordered one starter and Chicken Biryani. The starter was served nearly 15 minutes later. It wasn’t cooked well and didn’t taste good. The quantity was quite a lot, but how does the quantity matter when the taste is not good. We didn’t say anything. We waited for the next dish in our order i.e. Biryani. To our horror, this one also turned out to be very bad at taste. S was very annoyed. He reported the problem to the manager. The manager realized it was their mistake. He said he wouldn’t charge for the Biryani and insisted on ordering something else. Since we already had most of the Biryani, we ordered a dessert instead of main course. The dessert that we asked for was not available, and was replaced with something else without our consent. S asked him how he would react if put in a similar situation. He was helpless and was giving number of excuses for the not getting the ordered dish. Anyways, we had it and left from the place with a promise that we’d never visit that place again. I wonder how did the restaurant get such a good rating on the Food sites.

Today, we visited a restaurant popular for Pizzas. This one was also given a good rating. Hence, we thought we’d go for lunch there. The ambiance looked pretty decent. We thought the food would also be ok. We ordered one starter and a pizza. The starter didn’t taste that good. The pizza was not good either. Though it looked fine, it tasted as though it was burnt. When we reported this to the manager, he said that the dish was made that way. Huh! We quickly finished off everything as we were really hungry and left from there. The place was too expensive too for the kind of food they provided. Trying out new restaurants can be too expensive at times, especially when the food is not worth the money you pay. But, that doesn’t mean you stop trying out. You never know you might get lucky some day! ๐Ÿ˜€


2 thoughts on “Try out and learn ;)

  1. I like to eat out at new places but I almost always order the same sort of item. But you are right, you never know. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Maybe those ppl wrote fake reviews. You should write the actual review . Hopefully someone will benefit.

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