Mystery unfolds!

From my childhood-days, I have been very fond of birds. When I was a kid, my uncle bought some parrots, pigeons and love-birds at home. We kept them in different cages and hung the cages on the wall. One day, my uncle set them all free. The insects were not allowing the birds to stay peacefully and one of them had died 😦 I had gotten very attached to them and I cried a lot that day. My uncle explained to me how important it is to allow them to fly and survive. They are happy only when they can fly and do whatever they want. I understood that lesson and have not forgotten it till date.

During school-days, I often spent hours on the terrace studying. I was a very studious then, but I would need breaks between my long study hours. During my breaks, I looked at the sky to spot the birds flying high. Sometimes, I was fortunate to spot a pack of migratory birds or some parrots. House sparrows were frequent visitors on the terrace. I silently watched them while they would munch upon something on the floor. I liked the way they hopped while having food. Spending some time on the terrace and looking at birds gave me a lot of happiness and positive energy.

These days, whenever my husband and I go for morning walks, I enjoy the little sounds made by the birds in the vicinity. I love to look at the trees and spot them. S also helps me when I am unable to find them. Passers-by on that road look at us and wonder what we are up to :D. He he. Even if I spot a single bird in a day, I’m happy all day-long. The Black Drongo and the Green Bee-Eater are the ones which we often spot on the trees in that area.

Besides our apartment, there is a mango tree in our neighbor’s front-yard. We often hear a bird-like chirping sound from that tree especially during the morning time. I looked at the tree a couple of times, out of curiosity, to spot the bird, but with no luck. I saw squirrels running on the barks of the tree and crows too, but no other bird. A few days back, during our morning-walk, I heard the familiar sound coming from a tree we crossed. Out of curiosity, I looked at the tree to spot the bird. I saw no bird, but spotted a squirrel on the tree making that sound :D. The mystery unfolded finally. I had never expected that one day I’d get to know that it was not a bird but a squirrel that made the sound from the mango tree 😀


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