A prayer!

There were times when she had to talk to me every single day. Though I stayed miles away from her, she called me first when she needed to share. It felt as though she was always close to me. I also shared every single moment of happiness and sorrow with her just like a friend would do. Yes, I was fortunate that I found a friend in her. Giving her daily updates on my life had become a practice for me, and same was the case with her. She is one of the strongest women in my life. She struggled through tough situations to stand by me and let me do what she felt was right. I always looked up to her for the way she was. She longed for my home-visits so that she could do all her pending shopping during my visit. I loved it when she rode pillion with me on my TVS Scooty.

Then, one day, things suddenly changed between us. We drifted apart and never understood the reason for that. I missed the conversations that I had with her. I missed being missed by somebody in this world. During that period, I took the strongest of decisions in my life. It was a tough time for both of us. I had assumed that she would be the one who would stand by me like she always did. But, things were destined to be otherwise. The tough times made things tougher for us. It was difficult to have a normal conversation. I wondered then if things could ever get back to normal, but I silently prayed for her well-being.

After so many days, things got back to normal. She talks to me often as she used to before. I sense that she wishes to share everything with me. These days, she is not keeping well and I pray for her. I am sure she will be fine very soon. She is the person whom I talk to the most after my husband. The little daily updates that she asks for make me feel nice. The questions she usually asks are -“What did I cook for dinner?”, “How is my health?”, “Are the plants growing well in the balcony?”, and so on. She makes it a point to give her daily updates even if I forget to ask for them. That’s my dear mother and I am glad she is somewhere close to me. The distance doesn’t matter now as she makes it a point to contact me. Yesterday, she called me at night just to tell me that she was busy, and hence could not call in the last 2 days. She remembered me when she was going to sleep and wished to hear my voice. I pray that things get better for her soon πŸ™‚


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