Sowing coriander seeds

We bought a few flower pots to keep in our balcony. A few weeks back, S and I put some coriander seeds in one of the pots. I kept observing the pot everyday to see if the seeds had germinated. For nearly two weeks, there was no sign of germination. We assumed that the soil was not good enough, nevertheless we waited for it for some more days.

After a week or so, the seeds started to germinate and small leaves started to appear. Initially the leaves were small and oval-shaped. After 10 days or so, the plants grew sufficiently tall. Also, the leaves acquired a variable, feathery shape. They looked so fresh and were giving out a nice fragrance too. We removed the plants from the root. We washed them and used them for garnishing in the food prepared.

It felt so nice to grow the plant by ourselves. A simple procedure, but makes you feel so happy and satisfied. We have sown some more seeds again and wish to make this a practice!


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