A perfect celebration

Two days back it was hubby’s birthday. He worked from home since it was a week day.

In the morning, I prepared S’s favorite breakfast dish and he enjoyed having it. After sometime, the flowers and cake that I ordered were delivered. S loved the flowers and the cake was delicious too. During the day, he completed all his work. In the evening, we spent some nice time together and planned for a lovely dinner.

For dinner, we planned to visit a restaurant where unlimited food is served. It had rained heavily in the evening and the climate was cool and nice. It was a perfect time to go out and enjoy the weather. We reached the restaurant and occupied a table on the side which gave a wonderful view of the road. A candle was placed in the center of the table and the restaurant was lit up with dim lights. It felt so much like a candle-light dinner. The ambience of the restaurant was pretty pleasant and some soothing music was being played in the background.

They started serving the starters and we enjoyed them a lot. The rest of the meal was good too, but the starters were the best. I must mention that the service was extremely good. We had a sumptuous meal. It was a perfect to way to celebrate on a lovely day! Whenever I spend time with S, I realize how fortunate I am to have him as my life-partner. We share a wonderful understanding space and that is the best part about our relationship.

Here is a picture of the flowers that I gifted S –



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