Craze for cleanliness

I like everything at home to be kept in the apple pie order i.e. neat and tidy. I have been like this from my childhood days. It is mainly because I’ve grown-up seeing my mother. My mother keeps everything very neat and clean at home.

There are certain things related to cleanliness which I am very particular about –
1. I feel the kitchen and the bathroom should always be kept clean.
2. I don’t like anyone coming inside the house wearing their footwear. I like people who leave their footwear near the door before coming inside the house.
3. I hate pests. I try to keep the house as clean as possible to keep them away.
4. I like to sort out things and keep them in proper compartments.
5. I prefer doing the cleaning myself with the assistance of my hubby than relying on a house-help.

I am glad that I got a life-partner who also understands the importance of cleanliness and helps me a lot with household cleaning work. I don’t have a problem with guests as such. But, I do have a problem with people coming home and messing up things in our house. It takes a lot of effort to do the cleaning since we don’t rely on anybody for this task. I feel people should have so much courtesy to understand that somebody else’s house is their home after all. They need to behave themselves. Sometimes, it is unavoidable but one should try their best to avoid messing up things at somebody else’s place 🙂 I do that when I visit somebody’s place.

I know I’m a little crazy for cleanliness, but I feel that it is important to be clean and hygienic. We should not stress ourselves to keep everything neat and tidy. But, we should do it with ease and at our own comfortable pace 🙂


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