Food and Cooking

When I was doing my engineering, I had a hard time finding good home-made food. Most of the times, I survived having food from the canteen of my college. I often faced a lot of stomach issues. I longed for good home-made food. After my engineering, I spent around 5 years as a paying guest. The food there was OK, but it was too tasteless and always under-cooked. In those days too, I often wished I could cook myself a good meal and relish it to the core. But, we didn’t have the freedom to cook as the landlady didn’t like us using the kitchen. In those days, I relied a lot on fruits and other stuff to keep myself as happy as possible. I was just patiently waiting for the time when I would get an opportunity to cook.

I got the opportunity after a long-wait of 9 years. These days, I get up in the morning and do a lot of cooking within a span of one hour. Initially, when I started cooking I took a lot of time to prepare food. Also, other household activities didn’t leave me with much free time for myself. But now, I am able to manage well. I do a lot of other household work too such as washing utensils, cleaning the house, etc. and I still have enough time left just to relax. Coming back to cooking, I didn’t know much of it before I got married. I used to help my mom with cutting veggies and sorting out stuff in the kitchen whenever I went home to spend my holidays. But, apart from that, I didn’t know much. Mom never allowed me to do anything else as she wanted me to take rest during my holidays. After getting married last year, I gradually learnt how to cook with the assistance of my husband. I must say, very soon I realized that it is so much fun doing it. After preparing food, when I have it, I feel so good. Having food made at home with love is such a bliss! I longed for this feeling for years. It gives an immense feeling of satisfaction and happiness when I look back and think of the times when I struggled to get good food 🙂


2 thoughts on “Food and Cooking

  1. When I started cooking, I liked it too. But I lost interest soon. It will be a understatement if I say I hate cooking. 🙂 But, good to know you are having fun cooking. Home made is always better.

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