Anniversary celebration

Three days back, S and I completed one year of being together. It was our first marriage anniversary.
S woke up really early as he had to go to office to attend a meeting. He said he would be back by noon. I got up at my usual time, had a quick breakfast and started preparing Aloo Paranthas for lunch. S loves them a lot. So, thought it would be best for the occasion. In the meantime, I received so many calls from well-wishers. It was nice talking to all of them.
When S returned he prepared some kheer as we had to perform Puja before we had lunch. We thought we’d offer the sweet to the Almighty first before we had it 🙂 While S was doing that, the door bell rang. One guy came to deliver a cake. I wondered when did S get time to order the cake. Then, assumed that he had done it over the phone. But, when S opened the box, I realized that a friend of ours had sent the cake for the celebration. How sweet of her!
We prepared the lunch and then performed the puja. After that, we cut the cake together. The cake tasted delicious. When the cake-cutting was done, we had lunch. S liked the paranthas a lot. What more could I ask for! The kheer that S prepared was also very tasty 🙂
Later in the evening, we gave a treat to some of our friends at one of our favorite restaurants. It was nice meeting all of them. We had a nice time chatting and enjoying the food at the restaurant. The food was really tasty.
That day was so lovely. The journey of one year has been lovelier for both of us. Touch wood! Whenever I look at S, I feel I am so blessed by the Almighty. He gave me a wonderful life-partner 🙂


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