Love story!

Today, I would write about S’s and mine love story. S proposed me when I was going through a tough phase in life. I had already started liking him the way he liked me, but when he proposed, I asked him to give me some time. I wanted to come out of the problem that I was facing before I say “Yes” to him. I was struggling to come out of the problem that I faced in those days. There was undue pressure created by my family members asking me to shift to Pune. Also, I was going through some health issues. I tried many options of work-from-home for a long period, convince the family members to shift to Bangalore with me, but none worked out. I continued looking out for other options and discussing with my family members.

While I was busy with the struggle, S was always there supporting me in every decision that I took. He even said that he would completely support my decision of moving to Pune, if at all I decide upon it. There was no pressure from him for getting an answer to his proposal. As I was moving on with my struggle, it was already two months since he proposed me. By then, he had assumed the answer as a “No”. S was also going through a struggle then, in fact a greater one than mine. But, he appeared very strong all the time as he knew he had to be present for me as a good friend. I feel really sad sometimes that I couldn’t be there for him like the way he was there for me during that phase. Things would have been easier if I gave my answer (which was a “Yes”) immediately. We would have gotten together much before and could help each other in our problems in a better way. The struggle would have been much easier to cope up with if we were together. But, I must say, S didn’t leave me alone even when he thought the answer was a “No”. He was there whenever I felt the need for a friend.

One fine day, I realized I delayed a lot in answering to S’s proposal. I had liked him always for the way he understood and cared for me. In fact, I must say, he has been the best listener in my life. He listens and understands every little thing that I say with patience and love. The answer to his proposal was always a “Yes”. I had sorted out the problem that I faced during the previous two months. On that day, I talked to him as I did everyday. I knew I had to say something more, but wasn’t clear what to say. S was looking at me patiently. He was very clear that I was going to say something special that day. I looked totally confused, but he didn’t give me a hint at all. We had lunch together. During the lunch too, I felt as though something close to my heart was going too far from me, so far that I might not be able to get it back again. But, I couldn’t figure out what exactly I wanted to say. Ha ha 😀 Funny me! All the time, S just looked at me and gave a slight smile. He didn’t say anything regarding what he noticed in my eyes. After office hours, S said that he would leave for his place. I felt a heavy burden on my heart that moment. I knew he would still be around for me, but got a weird feeling as though he was going too far from me. I asked him to walk for a while with me. He did. He was just talking to me on how I need to be strong and happy all the time. It is really important for me and he would be always there for me as a friend. There was a sudden reaction from me. I started crying, so much so, that I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my eyes. I finally realized what I had to say. I broke the silence after so long!
This time, I proposed S and asked him to be my partner for a life-time. I told him that he is the best person of my life, I wish to see him as my life-partner, and I cannot imagine my life without him. S smiled and said that he would love to. He then told me that he knew from the beginning that I was going to propose him that day. He chose not to give me a hint and allow it to happen at the right time 😉


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