Goodness prevails even today

My mom left last week as her presence was much-needed at home. My husband and I went to the Railway Station to bade her goodbye. I had booked her train ticket on the internet and had selected the lower berth as she has a back-ache problem and cannot climb onto the upper berths. The ticket got booked despite the fact that there were no lower berths available. I assumed they gave the lower berth and didn’t inquire further.

On reaching the station, we got into the train. We got to know that unfortunately she got the upper-most berth. I was worried about what to do. The people around were also quite aged and hence we couldn’t get much help from them. One lady was traveling with a baby in the same compartment and her husband had already exchanged berths with another aged couple. Hence, no chance of asking them for help. There was one side lower berth which looked vacant but nobody had come to occupy. My husband talked to the TC and requested him to get berths exchanged with the guy who didn’t arrive yet. The TC said he would try, but it would be better if we personally requested the occupant.

We told the lady in the compartment to help mummy in case she had trouble talking to the TC or the occupant. She seemed pretty sweet and said she’d help. My husband, my mom and I were waiting on the platform and discussing what could be done. Somebody was standing beside us who overheard our conversation and asked us if he could help. We learned that he was given the middle berth. So, just in case, the side-lower occupant doesn’t agree, mummy could exchange her upper berth with his middle berth. Mummy said she would try climbing the middle berth. Something is better than nothing. We were happy after talking to that uncle and requested him to help mummy as she was traveling alone and was carrying a lot of luggage. That uncle said that he’d help and talk to the TC again if required. We heaved a sigh of relief. There are good people in this world and we were fortunate to find one that day!

Later, the train started moving and we bade goodbye to mummy with a hope that she’d get the side-lower berth. After sometime mummy called up to inform us that the TC was really helpful. He remembered that my husband had already requested for exchange of berths. When the side-lower occupant arrived, he explained him the scenario and got his berth exchanged with mummy’s upper berth. We were so glad to know that. I learned a lesson that I need to be careful when I book tickets for elderly people. We may not be as lucky always as we were that day! šŸ™‚ But, a sign of goodness from some people around made us feel so happy that day.


4 thoughts on “Goodness prevails even today

    • Hey malinymohan .. thanks for dropping by.. and glad to know that you enjoyed reading the post.. and yes, let goodness prevail always.. amidst all the negativity, when we see some positivity, we feel really blessed šŸ™‚

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