A promise

There were times I spoke nicely to a person and the person reacted rudely. At that point I just ignored it and still tried my best to be normal. But later when I thought about that thing, I felt I should have answered back to the person at that very moment. The next time, I tried again to be nice, but the same incident repeated. A couple of times I ignored the rudeness thinking I might be wrong. The person might have been just normal. But, when it repeated I realised I was not wrong. Initially, I used to get irritated at myself for being so over-nice to people and giving them a chance to be rude to me repeatedly. Over a period of time, due to my discomfort at facing the rudeness I resorted to talking less with the person. But, that too put me on the wrong side. The person then got a chance to say that I don’t talk much like I used to before. I wondered why I was being judged so much despite being nice always.
Recently, on the new years’ eve I made a promise to myself that I will not run away from such situations by talking less to the person. I will talk like I always did. It is my duty to do it. But, I am not going to let the person hurt me anymore. If the person says something rude to me I would react back that very moment. I have to bring about this change in myself and I would do it this year. I don’t want my niceness to be taken for granted any more!


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