A simple celebration

This year our new year celebration was very simple because of my health issues. My mom has come to our place a few days back to spend some time with us and help us out during this tough phase. This year, we celebrated the New years’ with her.
Mummy cooked food in the afternoon and I helped her too. It’s nearly after 2 years I am having food made by her. Since mummy was fasting that day, she prepared Khichdi for lunch. It is one of my favorites. We had food in the afternoon and we made simple plan for the evening celebration. The celebration was planned by my dear husband.
This year the 1st of January occurred on an auspicious occasion of a Ganesha festival(Angarika Chaturthi). So, we visited the Ganesha temple in the evening. I must say there were a lot of devotees who waited in a long queue to get inside the temple. At the Ganesha temple, some ladies were performing classical dance and they were doing it really gracefully. We enjoyed watching their performance while we waited in the queue. When we got inside the temple we prayed in front of the Almighty, took the prashaad and then left from there. Truly, visiting the temple makes one feel so peaceful.
We started towards our next destination i.e. one of our favorite restaurants. We reached the restaurant and ordered the food that we had tried before. Though the service was slow, we enjoyed the dinner. So, this was our simple celebration. When we reached home, we were so tired that we had no energy left to do anything else. We talked for a while and went off to sleep. 🙂


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