Retrospect and wishes!

The new year commences today and I return to my Blog world. I had taken a short break as I was facing some health-related issues. On this occasion, I wish each one of you and your family a wonderful new year. Pray this new year brings loads of happiness in your life. The last year brought a lot of changes in my life and I would write about them briefly.
1. I got married last year in January to the person who had been my best friend in life. This was the biggest and the best happening that took place.
2. I had disconnected from many of my near ones in the previous year i.e. 2011 for some or the other reason. I got connected to them once again and I feel really happy about it.
3. I faced a lot of health-related issues. Though sometimes it got really tough for me, I could cope up with it because of my husband and my dear ones. I am still facing some issues, but working on them and hope to get in the pink of health soon πŸ™‚
4. I took a break from my office work for taking care of myself and giving time to my other interests. Though I was not working professionally, I was full-time working at my home. I did not opt for household help from a maid. I preferred trying everything myself as I really wanted to do it. I realized during this phase that I am a good home-maker πŸ˜‰ I would love to get back to professional work soon, but only after I recover from my health issues.

Overall, the year 2012 was very good for me, keeping aside my health issues. I would want to look towards my health issues positively as a learning experience on how to take better care of myself. Touching wood! I am looking forward towards the new year with a lot of positivity, not just for myself,my family and friends, but the society as a whole. As the year 2012 ended, it made us realize that there are a lot of flaws in our society as to how women are looked at. We all need to realize that women should be given more respect in our society and we together need to work towards changing the current scenario. On that note, I will wind up my conversation friends. Have a wonderful new year! πŸ™‚


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