Reminiscence triggered by little sounds

Since my house is situated next to a school, I hear all kinds of sounds during the course of the day. In the mornings, I hear the children singing the national anthem during their assembly. Sometimes, I hear somebody talking over the loud-speaker and reading out information to the children. During the afternoons, they shout and have loads of fun. It is quite obvious then that their play time has begun. And, I do not get disturbed by these sounds at all. In fact, I just love them. I kind of wonder what happened the day I don’t happen to hear them much.

Today, I hear a lot of these sounds of these happy children screaming and having fun. It reminds me of my school days. These sounds remind me of some sweet moments from my childhood –
1.My first sister loved to do funny things when we were kids. Grand pa would come to pick us on his scooter after school hours. She would often insist on sitting in the opposite direction facing the vehicles that came towards us. I found it weird and I was generally shy to do it. But, sometimes I would listen to her and we’d both sit that way looking at the vehicles and the people on the road. Even then, I would feel shy and would close my mouth and silently laugh. Her reaction would be exactly opposite. She would clap her hands with glee and laugh away to glory. She enjoyed it to the core.
2.During the lunch hours, either grandpa or papa came to the school and kept our lunch box near the security’s table. Either my first sister or I went to pick up the lunch box and we had lunch together. Though we knew other students in our class, we always had lunch together. Sometimes, some friends did join us, but we would never separate. The space that we shared was something that we could never give up, not even in school.
3. My first sister was really fond of ice-cream. Every day after school, she urged Grand pa to take us to the ice-cream parlor located on M G Road. Often, due to lack of time, my grand pa would give her some coins and would ask her to buy from the school canteen. But, sometimes the canteen would be closed and we’d go to the ice-cream parlor on M G Road. I loved the Bon-Bon ice-cream that they sold there. It was my favorite. My grand pa was greatly fond of ice-cream and because of my sister, he too got a chance to have one 🙂

I often get back to these memories and I feel very good. And, most of these memories get triggered after listening to the children from the school. Hence, I never mind listening to them no matter how loud they are. May God bless them! On this note, I’d take a leave today. The weekend is about to start. I’m sure you were looking forward to it as eagerly as I was. Have a great one!


12 thoughts on “Reminiscence triggered by little sounds

    • Thanks “Dil On The Rocks”. He he, the scooter act was the craziest of all.. I love to remember that one 🙂 Childhood days are certainly a blessing… guess our parents and other people around play a major role in making it a blessing altogether 🙂

  1. I agree with the first point 🙂 🙂 even I do the same thing 🙂 🙂 but all the people on the road will scold that I may faint to sit in opposite direction and at times they show the love through a harsh stare, to scare me,, so that I will turn and sit 🙂 🙂 good that you are so close to each other 🙂 My sissy is the opposite to yours 🙂 she never tells me as her sister 🙂 as I am a wanted list in the school and people says I look similar to her and often the discussion will end by asking, you both are twins!!!! for which she will weep 😀 😀 nostalgic moments are always a treasure 😀

    • He he.. Nice to know that you also tried that craziest act in childhood days.. It sure was fun now that I think of it.. Yeah, and other commuters do get worried thinking that we might fall asleep .. and nice to know about the bond that you share with your sister 😀 .. when kids, the less naughty one doesn’t like to be called sibling of the more naughty one 🙂 childhood moments are indeed a treasure for a lifetime 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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