Flight – the only freedom


Sitting right underneath
The stretch of the clouds
Spreading across the boundless sky
On the terrace of my house
I think deeply and wonder –

Where is the pack of birds
Heading to in a particular direction?
How do they reach this place
Every day almost at the same time?
What is the crow sitting on the fence
Trying to tell me incessantly?
What are the little house sparrows
Munching upon forming a group?
Why is the giant bald eagle
Hovering and looking towards the ground?
Why are the pigeons hiding and sleeping
On the sill of the window?

A lot of questions pop in my mind
I get lost in my thoughts for a while –
Birds seem to have so much freedom
But do they have other challenges in life?
While trying to get an answer to this question,
I ruminate on my set of questions
I realize the answer lies within my questions.

I smile and am filled with amazement –
How equally wonderful every creation
By the Mother Nature is!
We are all free in some way in our lives,
But we are facing our own challenges too 🙂


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