On a special day…

Today is my first sister’s birthday. On this special day, I would like to write a few words about her.

Though she is younger than me, I never feel that difference in age whenever I talk to her. She has always been more understanding and mature than I am. And, she has been like this since our childhood days. She is good at identifying who is good and who is not in my life. There were times when I would need advice and I would approach her. She has always been there for me at such times. I guess the relationship we share is beyond sisterhood. It is more towards a strong friendship. The best thing about her is that though she has been through a lot of problems in life, she is always happy and at peace. Touch wood! Whenever we all sit at home and laugh over something funny, she is the last one to stop laughing. In fact, she will think over that thing and keep laughing over it again and again without any restraint. I really look up to her for the way I have seen her always. Also, I feel really proud of having her as an inseparable part of my life. On this special occasion, I pray for her all the best in life that she truly deserves. There is a wonderful spark in her beautiful eyes and I am sure that spark would take her a long way. May the Almighty bless her.

Here are a few pictures from her childhood days –





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