Good food at a good place

Yesterday, my husband and I visited the restaurant “Magnolia” for dinner. This restaurant is known for Thai food. We have been to the restaurant before and it has always been a pleasure visiting the place.

We selected a table on the terrace. Our table was facing the glass which separates the terrace seating area from the closed seating area. This glass is not just a plain glass. Water keeps running down inside the glass and it gave a feeling as though we were sitting in front of a stream or waterfall. The lights in the restaurant were dim and light music was being played. Overall, the ambiance was pretty decent.

We ordered for noodle soup. The cold weather was apt for having some nice warm soup. The soup turned out to be tasty and so did the rest of the meal. Overall, the food was delicious. I must say I am not a great fan of Thai or Chinese food, but at this restaurant I did enjoy the food. We had the food slowly relishing it to the core.

The song “It’s only words” sung by BoyZone was being played in the background. Truly, it is only words that can connect us with the companion. “A good ambiance, good food and a wonderful companion, what more would you ask for!”

Overall, we had a nice experience. A short time spent at the restaurant made us feel so happy. If you wish to have Thai food at a place with good ambiance, do visit this place. I’m sure you would not be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Good food at a good place

    • Yes “Little Fingers”, I was talking about the Magnolia in Koramangala 🙂 It is one of the best restaurants in that area. Glad to know that it is one of your favorites too 🙂

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