Look around, realize and get better

There are a lot of people who we come across in our life. We know some of them personally and some we do not. When we see a person in a crowded place, within few seconds of observation, there are ‘n’ no of thoughts that come to our mind. Some of those impromptu thoughts connect us with the person immediately. And not just connect, but bring about a sudden realization within us.

When we come across a beggar who is physically handicapped, we pray for the person without even knowing who that person is. The person is in such a condition that he cannot do any work with ease. A thought that how unfortunate that person is, automatically connects us with the person and we pray for the person. Also, a sudden positive impulse makes us realize how fortunate we are and we should value what we have even more.

When we come across a happy kid holding the hand of a parent and walking with his parents, we smile without any restraint. The smile gets created on the face within a fraction of a second. A thought that how happy and innocent that kid is, automatically connects us with the kid. We smile more, not just at the kid but at the parents too. A sudden positive impulse makes us realize how worried we are over trivial issues and how infrequently we wear a smile over our face. We ought to smile more often and keep worries at bay.

When we come across an elderly person walking along with the entire family – children and his grand-children, we suddenly look up to the person with respect. A thought that the person could strive so hard that he could bring up two generations, automatically connects us with the person. It also brings about a sudden realization on how long we have to go in life and hence how cautious we need to be with our health.

These are just a few of them that I mentioned. There are ‘n’ number of the other realizations a person gets when he looks around at the people in the world. So, friends we need to practice this more. Look around, feel the world and inculcate good values within yourself. Whenever we tend to lose some value because of whatsoever reason, we need to remember those moments when we noticed somebody and how we suddenly realized the importance of a certain value. That reminiscence can get back the realization of the importance of some value within no time.


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