Actions speak more than words!

On Saturday, my husband and I visited a friend’s house. I mentioned about this friend in one of my previous blogs. He has a two year old kid who likes to spend time with us. After we reached their place I happened to call my brother to discuss something. I was busy talking to him over something seriously and I didn’t notice that the little one was trying her best to get my attention. I thought she is busy playing with my husband.

Later, when we returned from their place, my husband told me that she was trying her best to tell him something through her actions and words. It was very difficult to comprehend her words. But, from her actions, he felt as though she tried to say that despite trying so hard I was not paying attention to her and was busy talking over the phone. My husband was shocked for while it seems. He wondered how the little-one is so expressive through her actions. These days, kids surprise us with their amazing skills 🙂


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