Connected to a song

I watched the movie “Anjaana Anjaani” with my dear husband (then friend), my brother and his wife. At that point of time, my husband and I were going through a similar phase in life. Our parents were worried about our marriage. You know how it gets when you cross 25. Everyone around you talks about marriage. Even if your parents understand your state and support you till your “time arrives”, there are others who keep pestering them with questions related to your marriage. We knew that sometime soon we’d have to get married, but never knew who that person would be. Should we ask our parents to go ahead and look for somebody? OR Should we ask for time and search for our life-partner all by ourselves? If we do the latter, will we be fortunate to find that SPECIAL SOMEONE? There were a lot of questions that were going on in my mind. And since my husband was a good friend then, I knew he was also sailing in the same boat.

The movie was pretty decent. We enjoyed the movie. But what made a difference was the song, “Tu na jaane aas paas hai Khuda”. While listening to the song, I got completely mesmerized and lost in the song. It conveyed such a beautiful message. You need to keep working on your dreams even if you find darkness on your chosen path. The Almighty is always with you and one day he will enlighten you. After watching the movie, on our way back to my brother’s place, my husband and I were happily humming the song. It was as though someone had enlightened us. After that day, we met each other a couple of times. Gradually, we realised that the person whom we were looking for was always in front of us. The realisation happened to both of us almost at the same time. How unbelievably beautiful it was! I really have no words to express how I felt at that moment when I realised that my good friend was the person who was destined to be my life-partner. I wonder why that realisation had to happen so late though we knew each other for nearly five long years. I guess there is a right time for everything and that day and that time was perfect for us. He enlightens you only when He feels it is right.

It would be hard to believe if I’d say that I must have heard the song countless number of times. The more I listen to it, the more I fall in love with it. It reminds me of those beautiful moments of my life when the Almighty had enlightened us and I feel so very happy. My husband also often talks about the song and the message it conveys. Sometimes, a song can connect two people so beautifully. I guess our lives were beautifully designed by the Almighty and I thank Him for everything that He has given us. Touch wood! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Connected to a song

    • Yeah Priya 🙂 That’s how it started 😉 It’s after a long time I’m sharing it and I am so glad that I finally did 🙂
      Thanks for the wishes 🙂 Take care 🙂

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