Our little princess

Two days back, it was my second sister’s birthday. I was missing her and was going through a set of childhood photographs that my uncle took when we were kids. My maternal uncle(mamaji) loved to take her photos in those days. She was very cute. She is even now 🙂

We were brought up in a joint family where five different families stayed together. When my sister was born, apart from my father, my first sister and me nobody went to visit my mother at the hospital from the joint family. Everyone was expecting a baby boy and they were disappointed when they got the news. I wonder what difference does it make when a girl child is born. She is an innocent little being who needs love and attention just like a boy child does. My mother was happy but disheartened because nobody came to pay a visit. Thankfully, everyone from my mother’s end were happy and came to visit her at the hospital. My maternal grandfather quoted a few things which consoled my mother and she remembers those words even today. He said, “You’ve got beautiful jewels in the form of three pretty daughters. Mark my words, my daughter, tomorrow they will make you proud. Don’t worry about what the rest of the world has to say”.
My second sister has been very precious to both me and my first sister. We have always been very attached to her and its been a pleasure seeing her growing up so well 🙂 Touch Wood!

Here are some of those beautiful pictures which my uncle had taken –

Sweetly posing


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