Miracles of a peaceful mind

Often when we are tense or when we do things in haste, we are not able to perform to our best. The mind gets so occupied with other thoughts that it fails to work out well on the task at hand. When the mind is at peace and the concentration on the task is more, we go beyond our limits. The results turn out to be really good in such cases. I would like to share an experience from my engineering days which proves the point that I stated.

It was the second year of my engineering study and my practical examinations were going on. During the exam, the examiner placed some chits with problem statements in a box and we had to pick one of them. I picked up a chit with a problem statement which was the most dreaded one amongst the students. Even the toppers of the college dreaded this problem and prayed that they should not get it. Generally, when we get such problem statements we are given an of option of changing the statement. But, this is allowed only after paying a penalty of 10 marks. So if the total is 50, you would have already lost 10 marks for changing the problem statement. When I lifted the chit and saw the statement, the first thought that occurred to me was to change the statement. I thought, “It is better to lose some marks than to fail”. I approached the examiner and asked her to change my problem statement. The examiner had seen my record in the previous semesters and she suggested that I ought to try the difficult problem rather than changing it. After talking to her, my confidence suddenly got boosted and I made up my mind to work on the difficult problem.

I thought over my plan of action for a couple of seconds before starting off with the assignment. I thought that the first thing that I need to do in this situation is to keep my mind as peaceful as possible. I should then write down the logic for performing the practical. And then, I should look at the computer and start programming. I did exactly how I had planned. And to my surprise, I was able to get the exact expected output for the problem statement. After completing the assignment, I went to the examiner and asked her to check the output. She was very happy with my performance and she said, “See, I had told you”. I couldn’t stop myself from thanking her for giving me the right suggestion at the moment. I was glad that I took up the difficult assignment and completed it too.

I would like to share a lesson that I learnt from this experience. We come across difficulties in our life every single day. We need to keep ourselves as peaceful as possible at such times too. When our mind is at peace, we can get the solution to the toughest of the problems. Whenever you come across a difficult situation, keep your mind at peace and concentrate on the problem. Do not worry about the outcome of the problem. Think of a plan of action and implement it with confidence. You would certainly get a good solution to the problem.


8 thoughts on “Miracles of a peaceful mind

    • You are welcome Alison. Loved your post on Australia.. It is certainly one of my “Must-Visit” places since my childhood. Have heard a lot about the beauty of the place 🙂

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