Cute memories

Today is my little sister’s birthday. I have two younger sisters and it is the second one’s birthday today. On the occasion of her birthday, I pray for her well-being and wish her a lot of happiness in life. She is quite close to us and we are proud of her. I would like to narrate some cute childhood memories on this special day. I often think about those moments and I often talk about them too. But, I never get tired of remembering them. Every time I think of them, they bring a smile over my face 🙂

Three of us studied from the same school in Pune. When my second sister was studying in kindergarten, mom used to come to drop us at the school. She often insisted mom to drop her till the classroom. Most of the times the security guard allowed mom to enter the school if we reached before the students assembled for prayer. But, at times, we’d reach just before the assembly began and the guard would not allow mama inside. My sister wouldn’t budge from there and would say that she’d go inside only if both of her elder sisters dropped her till the classroom. I would try to convince her to go with my first sister since her assembly was held later, but she would not listen. Hence, both of us would hold her hand and walk towards her classroom. She was quite heavy then and hence we couldn’t lift her. She would walk slowly and happily enjoying her sisters’ company. I often scolded her for walking slowly since I feared reaching late for the assembly and getting punished by my teacher. She wouldn’t bother and would continue walking at the same pace 😀

After reaching the building in which her classroom was situated, we’d ask her to take her bag. She would insist that one of us should go upstairs and keep her bag inside the classroom. After that, we should bade her goodbye together and then depart 🙂 We followed her instructions and she would then join her classmates for the prayers. How cutely demanding she was! Sometimes, I was punished by my teacher for reaching late at the assembly hall. I would often go home and complain to mama about my sister for walking so slowly. 🙂 Now, when I think of those days I smile. 🙂 Time just flies! She has grown up now and is soon going to be an engineer. Truly speaking, for us she is still the sweet little one who always loved the company of her elder sisters 🙂


2 thoughts on “Cute memories

    • Thanks Priya for the wishes 🙂 I am glad that this post brought some cute memories for you too 🙂 And yes, I agree with you.. guess all second sisters are like that 🙂

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