Our safety is our responsibility

I came to Bangalore 6 years ago. I looked out for couple of places for residence along with my parents and my cousin. After some struggle, we liked a place where the owners were having couple of paying guests in their house. Fortunately, there was a single vacancy and I decided to stay there. At that time, I had no idea about some untoward incidents reported in that area.

After some days, one of my friends narrated a couple of incidents to me. Some girls were robbed while they walked down the streets near the house and such incidents were quite frequent. In those days, I didn’t have any vehicle. I generally walked down to my office and I totally enjoyed it. My friend asked me to be careful. I took her advice seriously and started being watchful. I generally held my hand bag over the shoulder which was on other side of the road so that nobody could snatch it.

One fine day, I went to meet a friend at a restaurant. On my way back home, I held my hand bag in my hand. The strap of the handbag was not long enough to wear it over the shoulder. Hence, I held it in my hand and was walking happily. The road was on my right side and ideally I should have held the bag on the left side. I had no idea then that a small mistake would put me into trouble. One huge person came speedily on a bike and drove past me on my right side and tried his best to snatch my bag with his left hand. I screamed as loud as I could and didn’t leave my bag. There were a couple of people around. Fortunately for me, he failed and left my handbag and quickly left the place. I had no time to note down the number of the vehicle. I thanked the Almighty to have saved me that day.

After a couple of days, I faced a similar situation again on the same street. This time, I hanged my handbag over the left shoulder. Two people drove past me on their bike. They noticed the bag was on the other side and I had held it tight. Since it was not easy for them to snatch it, they hit me hard on my shoulder and left the place. I ran behind their bike to note down the number, but failed as they were too fast. Again, I was saved.

A couple of months later, I was walking on the same street with my brother. Generally, my brother would ask me to hold my handbag between us whenever he came to meet me. That day, after we took a turn towards the right side, I forgot to shift my bag from the right to the left hand. We had no idea trouble-mongers were watching us from a distance. My brother was discussing about something and I was listening to him keenly. He went a little ahead of me while walking. Within that short span of time, two guys drove past us and snatched my handbag and took it away. I was in a complete state of shock. It took few seconds for me to realise that my handbag was snatched. I screamed. My brother looked behind. He saw me completely frozen. He had no idea what had happened. By the time, he realised what had happened, it was too late. The robbers had already reached the end of the road and quickly went out of our sight. Both of us were upset for a while. We blocked all my debit and credit cards. Thankfully, there was very less cash in my handbag. The greatest loss was my driving license. I had to go through a painful and lengthy procedure to get a new driving license.

The next day, I reported the case to a policeman. He assured me that they would appoint some officials to keep a watch over those streets in the evening. After couple of days, I saw some policeman regularly visiting those streets in the evenings. I was glad that there were some measures taken by the police for the safety of the residents in that area. For a long time, I didn’t hear any such cases on robbery from the people around. There were many people who had to face unfortunate situations like me. I heard from the residents there that these incidents were quite frequent in that area and nobody really did anything about them. Now I am not staying in that area, but hope things are fine there. There are a lot of trouble-mongers around us. We certainly need to bring to attention such cases by reporting them to the police. But, the best way to avoid such occurrences is by keeping ourselves safe and alert. I practiced returning home early from office after that incident and that made me feel safer.


2 thoughts on “Our safety is our responsibility

    • Thanks for dropping by Asha at my little space 🙂 Yeah, when I heard such stories from people there I was also shocked. Never had I then thought that I would be one of them facing it.. But, I was glad to after I noticed some policeman regularly keeping a watch over 🙂

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