Praying for good

From last couple of months I have been struggling with some issues with my throat. There was a swelling in my throat which came up suddenly three months back. It started with a slight pain in the throat. Over a period of time, the pain subsided but the swelling didn’t go. My husband and I visited the doctor’s clinic. The doctor prescribed some medicines for a week’s time. The medicines were extremely strong and faced a lot of gastric issues while consuming them. The swelling got reduced over a week’s time, but didn’t completely go off. We revisited the doctor’s clinic. This time he changed the prescription and gave comparatively milder medicines. Again, the effect of the medicines on the swelling remained very minimal.

After a couple of days, we went to another doctor. The doctor examined the swelling and went through the previous prescription. He suggested that I should undergo a FNAC (Fine needle aspiration cytology) test before taking more medicines. When they conducted the test, they noticed some pus in the swollen area and hence suggested another test for pus culture. The results of both the tests were normal. The pus culture test reported dead aerobic culture. After going through both the reports, the doctor prescribed another set of medicines for a week’s time. These medicines were also extremely strong. I would feel uneasy throughout the day. I continued to take the medicines with a determination to complete the course. After completion of the course, the swelling reduced and became less prominent. Unfortunately, it didn’t completely go off.

I was exhausted after prolonged medication. Hence, we decided that we’d wait for some days after the course completion before visiting the doctor again. Every day, after returning home from work, my husband applies some hot water on the swollen area on the throat. We have been struggling from the last three months to get the swelling cured. Though the swelling has reduced considerably over a period of time, the medication has been quite painful. I got more stressed because of the medication more than the swelling itself. I hope that my throat becomes alright soon and I get rid of this continuous medication.


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