Exercising is a must!

My grandfather is a very health-conscious person. He has been a regular swimmer for the last 4-5 decades. Every morning he goes for swimming and then for a walk. He often says that one should make some kind of sport or medium of exercise a part of one’s life. Although I have never been as health-conscious as he is, I do try my level best to incorporate some kind of exercise in my routine.

A couple of years back I learnt Yoga and I loved it so much. After discontinuing from the classes, I tried my best to practice Yoga at home whenever possible. I always enjoyed doing the asanas. But, often due to hectic daily schedule, I failed to do it on a regular basis. “It is so difficult continuing a good habit!” Last year, my husband bought me a Yoga mat so that I can start off again. Unfortunately, I have not used the mat yet. Whenever I look at it, I think I’ll start off soon, but fail to do so. I wish to start off doing Yoga and making it a part of my daily schedule soon. I am sure my grandfather and my husband would be really proud of me if I would do so.

A couple of months back, my husband and I got into a good habit of getting up early and going for a walk. We really enjoyed it. A walk for some time would make us feel so fresh and happy throughout the day. After some days, due to some or the other reason we couldn’t get up early. And, after the rainy season commenced, there was no chance of going for a walk in the mornings. Now, the rainy season has gotten over and winter has begun. We wish to start off again with our early morning walks. If not walking, we need to do some kind of good exercise in the mornings so that we feel good throughout the day.

Exercise does keep one happy and energetic throughout the day. Also, regular exercising can prove very beneficial over a period of time. There are a couple of TODOs on our list related to exercising and hope we accomplish them soon 🙂


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