Need of the hour!

Each one of us does some or the other work to make a living. Some of us are home-makers who do our best to make our homes comfortable and nice to keep our families happy. Some of us serve in different organisations for our progress, in turn contributing to the progress of the organisation. There are times when we do good work. There are times when people around us do good work. Let me ask you few questions, “How often do we appreciate somebody’s work?”, “How often do we get appreciated for our work?”, “Do we really need appreciation?”, “How do we feel when appreciated?”

Most of us get so busy with moving ahead in our lives that we fail to look around and see the good things happening around us. There are many people who are responsible for making our lives easier and better day by day. For instance, a home-maker keeps the house neat and cooks nutritious food so much out of love for her husband and her kids. She wants her family members to be healthy and happy. It is not a mere duty for her. She is very thoughtful about the well-being of the family and hence she strives hard to do her best. We often consider this as a duty and forget to appreciate what she does for us. A little appreciation from our end can get a lovely smile over her face and make her day. Another common instance is what an employee of an organisation faces. The weaknesses and strengths of an employee are discussed over only during the performance review of the employee. In worst cases, the strengths are not discussed at all and there is no appreciation extended from the reviewer. An employee works not only for monetary needs but for the overall progress of the project and in turn the organisation. A little appreciation in some form can instil more confidence within an employee and make him/her perform better.

These days we find it difficult to stay in an organization for a longer period. There are many of us who suffer from depression and stress because we tend to lose focus from our work. This is mainly because our work is not noticed and appreciated by the people around us. We, as individuals, need to notice the good things happening around us and appreciate the people around us for the good work they do. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and appreciate somebody today and see the difference on their faces and in their attitude towards their work. A little appreciation in any form – a gift, a hug, a salary raise, an award or simply words is all that is needed.


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