Sweet memories

The winter season has begun with the commencement of the Diwali festival. This year the season has begun early. It is my favourite season. I have a lot of lovely memories of last year attached with this season. I would like to share some of those lovely memories in this post.

Last year, during the winter season, I used to eagerly wait to see my husband (then good friend) who used to come to meet me in the evenings. The climate used to be really cool and pleasant. We had lovely conversations over a cup of coffee in the coffee shop. The climate used to be apt to visit a coffee shop and have some warm coffee. I also remember the long talks we had while walking on the streets in the evenings. My husband used to come to meet me during the weekends. We would eagerly look forward to the weekends so that we could grab sometime to meet and chat for a while. It would always be so difficult to wind up our conversations and return to my house.

Also, we had decided to get married during the winter season in January. We just had a month’s time to prepare for the most special occasion of our life. And, I must say we enjoyed every bit of it. We had worked very hard to buy every little thing for the occasion and that made it even more special and close to our hearts. I would never forget those wonderful moments of my life. They would always hold a special place in my heart 🙂


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