Today, I rode my TVS Scooty after a long time and I am so happy about it. Although I was confident that driving after a break would not be difficult, there was a small block in my mind. I guess that block gets created when you don’t do something for a long time. My husband has been encouraging me to go out of the house and drive for a while on a regular basis so that I feel good. He got my vehicle repaired a couple of weeks back so that I can use it. And today, finally I took a pledge to finish off all the household work soon and go out for some time.

I must say I enjoyed the ride a lot. A short drive instilled a feeling of happiness and confidence within me.I am glad that I listened to my husband. My bike has always been very special to me. Firstly, it belongs to my dear sister and it reminds me of her whenever I look at it. Secondly, there are lovely memories of driving attached to the bike :). The traffic conditions never really bothered me when I rode the bike and it has always been a pleasure riding it.

After today’s experience, I have decided that I would often go out and drive for a while :).


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