Cuteness at its extreme!

Yesterday, my husband and I visited a friend’s place. There was a Satyanarayan Puja(spiritual ritual) held at their place. Though we couldn’t attend the Puja, we went later to take the prashad(sweet offered to God while performing the Puja).

It is always nice to visit their place and spend some time there. This friend has a kid who is around 2 years old and is super-active. Whenever we visit their place, initially she behaves as though she is too shy to talk to us and refuses to come closer to us. Gradually, she gets more comfortable and starts playing with us. This time she looked much taller. Kids grow up so fast. Also, she has started being more expressive. Although I couldn’t completely comprehend what she was trying to say through words and actions, I still loved listening to her. It seemed as though she has a lot to say and she was trying her best to make us understand through actions too. Kids are so smart these days. We have a great time playing with her every time we visit this friend’s place.

There was one cute moment which I would like to share. There was some problem with the sofa in their house. A little nail had come out from the sofa and was quite distinct. Everyone was looking at it curiously and trying to figure out what to do so that it doesn’t hurt people who walk around the sofa. I was sitting and observing from a distance. The little one went close to the nail and checked it out. Then, she came running to me and asked me to get up so that I could also go and check it out. She knew everyone else had checked it out apart from me. She didn’t give up till I actually went to the sofa and checked out the nail. How thoughtful of her! We realized then that she has not only grown taller but also become more understanding over a period of time 🙂


4 thoughts on “Cuteness at its extreme!

    • That’s so true Manjulika 🙂 There are a lot of small things happening around us in our daily life. And it is always the small things that make us more happy. Thanks for visiting my little space 🙂

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