Sweet summers

These days, the climate is hot and dry in the afternoons. The weather reminds me of my school days. My sister and I longed for our summer holidays. Generally, we visited our maternal grandfather’s place during the holidays and we were always super-excited to go there. It was great fun going to his place and spending the holidays.

The afternoons in summer were generally hot and silent. While mom and grandma would be taking a short nap, my sister and I would pick the flower basket from the dev-ghar(temple) and step out of the house. There were so many houses situated close to my grandpa’s house and every house had different kinds of flowering plants in the garden. Since, people generally slept in the afternoons, we would silently go and pluck the flowers that grew out of the fence. My sister would hold the basket and I would pluck flowers and put them in the basket. Some people wouldn’t mind even if they saw us plucking their flowers. But, one uncle got really annoyed when he saw us plucking. Whenever he yelled at us, I would run as fast as possible and leave my little sister behind. She would also start running behind me to reach me but couldn’t as she was too small to do so. Often, after reaching home she would complain that I didn’t wait for her and she got super-scared. Now when I think of it, I wonder why I used to be like that 😦 Despite that, she liked being with me and would come along with me the next afternoon 🙂

After returning home, we would play with the flowers. For a couple of days, nobody got to know about our secret. Since there was a garden in grandma’s house too, everyone assumed the flowers were from our garden . One day, somehow mama got to know about our secret and she told us that it’s a bad habit to steal flowers from somebody else’s garden. We were too young then to understand that taking flowers is also counted as stealing :D. Later, we stopped doing it and would prefer playing at home than going outside and plucking flowers.


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