Silently praying

Yesterday I got to know that my brother lost one of his friends in an accident. His friend was walking on one side of the road when he was hit by a car. The car-driver was drunk and driving at a very high-speed. His friend’s condition was very critical when taken to the hospital and he succumbed to injuries. He was the only child of his parents and was much-loved amongst his friends and family. It came as shock to everyone who was close to him.

One mistake of an irresponsible person could take the life of person who was brought up with so much love by the people around him. It might take years for his parents to recover from this situation and there might be a void filled in their life forever. But, the driver who is arrested today would probably get released on a bail and might get back on the road tomorrow. How fair is it I wonder!

A large number of road accidents are registered every day in our country. Is anybody doing anything about them? Why has the life of a common man become so inexpensive that anybody can commit a mistake and take it away? Time to think! We, as citizens, can do our bit to improve the situation on roads. I request you to please bring to attention any cases of rash driving that you perceive on the roads. Please note down the number of the vehicle and register a complaint whenever you notice any rash driving on the roads. You may end up saving one life tomorrow.

I could feel a void from my brother’s voice that was created by the loss of his dear friend. I pray that his friend’s soul may rest in peace and may the Almighty give his parents and near ones the courage that they need at this hour.


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