English Vinglish

Yesterday, my husband and I watched the movie, “English Vinglish”. We were accompanied by a good friend.

The movie is exceptionally good. It is a simple movie based on the story of a lady who struggles to learn the English language. Sridevi played the lead role and she has acted beautifully. It was a treat to watch her as she made a comeback in movies after a really long time. The movie caters to all kinds of audience. There are many scenes in the movie which any person can relate to. While watching the movie, on most of the occasions, we laughed a lot. But, there is one scene in the movie which can bring tears to anyone’s eyes. I am not a kind of person who gets very emotional while watching movies. But, yesterday I couldn’t withhold tears in my eyes while watching that scene. I would recommend this movie to everyone. The movie has a few messages to convey to the audience. “If you are very determined, you can learn anything you wish to. You are never too old to start off”. “You can give the best to the people around you when you learn to see the best in yourself. You cannot give complete love to others unless you love yourself”. The last one, “The duty of children is to teach the parents the new things that they have learnt and not criticise their parents for not knowing those things already”.

The movie reminded me of so many moments from my childhood. My mom is not very educated. She completed her schooling and had to discontinue from studies after that. Hence, she was always determined to educate her daughters in a better way. She often visited our school at the parents-teachers’ meet and collected my report card with pride. Since she didn’t know English, she communicated with my teachers in Hindi about my progress and areas of improvement. The teachers respected her a lot for the kind of interest she took in each aspect related to me. They often told her that she should be proud of me as I was one of toppers in the school. And whenever I met my teachers, they told me that I ought to proud to have a mother like her and should try harder to make her happier 🙂 When I doing my last year of schooling, my mom joined an English and Personality Development class. She was facing many problems because she wasn’t well-versed in the English language and wanted to overcome those problems. She was doing really well in the class and I got to know that from other people who accompanied her to the class. Her tutor was very happy with her performance. She respected my mom for the effort she was putting in to learn the English language, despite being the least educated amongst the lot. My sister and I got to know this and we were so proud of our mother 🙂


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