Not just the coffee!

Today, my husband and I visited the Café Coffee Day shop. It rained all day and the weather was really pleasant. It was apt to visit a coffee shop and have some warm coffee. We had a pleasant time. A simple talk and some warm coffee was enough to make us happy 🙂

The visit reminded us of the olden days when we often visited coffee shops. We had long talks over a simple cup of coffee. Our conversations just went on for hours together. It was always so difficult to wind them up and leave the coffee shop. Those times are captured within our memories like golden times when we had become really good friends.

When coffee shops had just opened and I saw people rushing to them, I used to wonder how people spend so many hours in a coffee shop. What is it that drives them there? Couldn’t be just a coffee, right? After coming to Bangalore, I realised that coffee shops provide a nice atmosphere best-suited for meeting and conversing with your friends. Also, there is no need to hurriedly finish off your coffee and leave the place. You can sit there talking for hours and nobody would ask you to leave.

I have spent lovely time in coffee shops with my husband. It’s obviously not just the coffee that invites you to a coffee shop. It’s the wish, for a simple talk with the person whom you like to talk to, that drives you there 🙂


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