Strangers, were we always?

There was someone in my life whom I believed to be a good friend. We shared a good time together when she was in Bangalore. Even after she left this place, we continued to be in contact through Facebook or Google talk. Thanks to the new ways of communication! We never get disconnected from people. A few months back, in January I told her about a change that was going to take place in my life. She was very happy to hear the news. I couldn’t disclose certain other details as I had my own constraints and didn’t want her to worry unnecessarily. Frankly speaking, I was not even sure if she would understand my stand then. There was a tough time that I was going through. I thought I would talk about the details to her later when things would settle down.

When things actually settled down, I told her the details. I expected after hearing all that, she would be concerned about me. Instead, she completely failed to understand my stand to start off with. And secondly, she mocked at my situation. I was shocked for while after getting such an unexpected reaction. I wondered whether this person whom I’m talking to is my friend or not. From that day on, we are not in contact anymore. It was completely understandable that she complained about not being told the details, but I don’t understand how my friend can mock at my state. I am not sad about losing a friend. I guess it was easy to get out of the situation as I have learnt to let it go. Sometimes, it takes one incident to completely disconnect people. Strange, but that’s how life is at times!

I wonder if we’d ever connect again. I just hope she does well even though we don’t happen to be friends now 🙂


2 thoughts on “Strangers, were we always?

  1. I agree! have been through the saddest and toughest time of my life and was expecting couple of my friends to support but they had their own priorities and I lost them when I needed them the most

    I tell you such times teach us many things, in bitter way…most importantly we get to know the true friends who really care for us!

  2. Hey Poonam, sad to hear that you too lost a couple of your friends.. But, I agree with you on the lessons that we learn from such incidents.. The true ones do stay there in the toughest of times 🙂 .. And ya, thanks for dropping by my blog space .. It’s a pleasure seeing you here 🙂

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