Better late than never :)

I got completely disconnected from a sweet friend of mine after I joined the engineering college. I tried searching for her whenever I thought of her. When I enquired from the people close to her house, I got to know that she had move out from that area to a new place. We didn’t have many contacts in common. In fact, we had only one common friend and that friend also didn’t know much about her whereabouts. When I entered the social networking world, I tried looking out for her there too, but didn’t find her. All my efforts had gone in vain and I wondered whether we’d ever be able to connect again. Whenever I thought of this sweet friend, a lot of memories flashed in my mind.

We became friends when we were studying in the junior college. Though we were studying in two different colleges, we attended extra classes at the same place(I don’t know why extra classes were needed, but I attended just because everyone in my class did!). Gradually, we got to know each other and became good friends. I remember she didn’t have a two-wheeler then. The extra-classes were held early in the morning around 6:30. I used to pick her from her place and we would go to the class together. It used to be so much fun. I guess attending the tuitions so early would have been boring without her company.

She often invited me to her place. Her place was quiet and comfortable. I often preferred going to her place for studies too as I found studying at home difficult at times. We shared a good understanding space. I was glad to have gotten a friend like her in my life.

After our board exams, I decided to go to Pune for engineering. I wanted her to apply in colleges in Pune so that we could go together. But, due to some constraints, she had to stay back in our home-town and I went alone. After going to Pune, I got disconnected from her. I don’t remember how that happened now.

A few months back, we got connected again after so many years. Thanks to FaceBook! When we talked, I got to know that she was also searching for me just like the way I was doing. Both of us were so happy to have gotten connected again. Last time when I went to my home-town, we planned to meet. It was so good meeting her after such a long time. Despite meeting after such a long time, I didn’t get an awkward feeling. It felt as though we were never disconnected. I got my friend back. 🙂 I can only say – “If Nature wishes, it will keep you connected to the people whom you deserve to have in life, no matter how situations tend to do otherwise” 🙂


2 thoughts on “Better late than never :)

    • Thanks a lot Deepak 🙂 Yeah, Social networking really helps when you look out for people who get disconnected from you… Thanks for dropping by 🙂

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