Only the pure can reach the Almighty!

A week ago, my husband and I watched the movie,”Oh My God”. One of our friends had recommended watching this movie and I am glad we listened to her. It was a treat to watch the movie. It was a simple movie which conveyed a simple message which we often tend to forget.

I wish to write more on this movie than a mere review of the movie. A day before watching the movie, my husband and I were having a casual talk over the current situation related to worshipping God. People often visit the temple to worship and end up spending a lot of money for performing the spiritual rites in the temples. Despite doing so, most of them fail to be good to their family, friends and society. How right is it to visit a temple and not follow the path that God has shown us?

I wouldn’t call myself an atheist. I do believe in the presence of a super-power that is responsible for the existence of nature. I believe the super-power wants us to worship our work, be good to our family and friends and contribute towards society in our own ways. This is the best form of worship. If we do that, He would observe us and give us the reward. Going to a temple, pouring a lot of money, would not help us come out our problems. The Almighty has already given us enough strength to solve our problems in life. We need to trust ourselves as the Almighty always resides within us in the form of strength. Also, if visiting the temple gives us mental peace and drives us towards doing well and becoming a better person, then the visit makes sense. The application of the inner strength in the right way can drive us towards solving our problems in life. Merely being dependent on the Almighty and not working towards our goal, will never help us achieve what we wish for.

Coincidentally, all the things that we had discussed were shown in the movie, and we were glad to have watched the movie. The movie conveys a wonderful message to viewers and I would recommend watching it to one and all.


2 thoughts on “Only the pure can reach the Almighty!

  1. Absolutely!!
    No idea about the movie.. but I feel the same about being good in our interactions with people around us. It definitely makes more sense than simply following rituals..

  2. I agree 🙂 If each one of us could devote more towards people around us, the world would certainly be a better place.. The movie is a good one.. Everything they show makes so much sense.. Also, the end of the movie is apt.. Do watch it 🙂

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