Simply happy!

Yesterday I visited the dentist’s clinic with my husband. It reminded me of the days when I was undergoing an orthodontic treatment. My orthodontic treatment was a really long one. It lasted for 4 years. Whenever I visited my doctor’s clinic, I had to wait for hours till I was called inside for the treatment. Initially my mom used to accompany me to the clinic. Due to the long waiting hours, she would often get bored. So later, she stopped accompanying me to the clinic. She would drop me at the clinic, visit the market in the meantime and then pick me up from the clinic when the treatment was done.:D .

My husband and I had been planning for the visit for quite a long time. Due to some or the other reason, we had to postpone the visit. Yesterday, we finally made it and got the check-up done. Yesterday, the doctor told me that my third-molars (wisdom teeth) are erupting well and I need not worry about them. Also, she mentioned that I was keeping my teeth very nice and clean. I have heard that doctors generally suggest for removal of the third-molars. I was glad that I wasn’t given any such suggestion. Instead, the doctor was quite positive about their eruption 🙂


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