Worth the wait!

Every day I wake up when the rays of the sun fall on the balcony shutter in the room. Today, it was 8:30 am and the sun was still hiding behind the clouds. I opened the balcony door and saw dark clouds in the sky. Normally, I don’t need to switch on the tube-light in the kitchen as the sunlight directly falls on the window and lightens up the entire space. But, today I had too as it was too dark in the kitchen. There is a school situated next our apartment. I could hear the school children screaming and running around in panic. I wondered what happened. I looked outside from the window in the kitchen. It had started pouring heavily. This used to be the norm in Bangalore every year during the monsoon. It rained early in the morning and the climate was pleasant throughout the day. Somehow, the monsoon this year didn’t start off at the right time and the rains are very inconsistent.

Last year, the monsoon in Bangalore was a prolonged one. It lasted for around 6 months and the next season (winter) was delayed and didn’t last long. This year the climate has been quite confusing. It rains very infrequently and the afternoons are generally hot and dry. I am glad that the Rain God has started to show his presence in the city and hope this would resolve all the issues related to water in the city.

The early morning showers reminded me of the days when I was staying as a paying guest. I used to wash my clothes on the terrace. Often, during the monsoon, it would start pouring while I washed the clothes. It used to be annoying especially when I had to hurriedly finish off work in order to reach office on time. I ended up getting wet most of the times. Now when I think of it, I realise that times have certainly changed for me. I don’t have to go through such situations now. I don’t have to face the heat or the rain while I do the household chores. My home is very cosy and comfortable. The rain today brings about a feeling of happiness and satisfaction within me. I am glad that I have a home of mine. I have waited for ages to get this feeling. I stayed away from home for 4 years during my engineering in Pune and then spent 5 years in Bangalore as a paying guest. Today, I enjoy the pleasant weather; I smile and think, “What I have today is really worth the wait”. 🙂


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