Supermarket syndrome!

An imaginary one, but I’m sure you would be able to relate to it…..

One of my tasks for the day is to buy some household stuff.I recollect one of my friends’ mentioning about a supermarket during our last conversation. I think for a while and end up in a dilemma whether I should visit the supermarket or not. I normally pick up stuff from a small store situated close to my house. A few thoughts run in my mind, “The store is situated closer to my house than the supermarket. But, I might not get everything there. Supermarkets are known for providing a wide variety of household and food stuff. Also, the review of the supermarket given by my friend was indeed a good one. Besides that, it would be my first experience of visiting the supermarket”.Eventually, I decide upon visiting the supermarket instead of the store close to my house.

I start off from my house on my TVS Scooty. On the way, I realise that I don’t have enough cash in my wallet. “But, wait a minute, do I need cash? The supermarkets would have the card machines and thankfully I have my debit card in my wallet”. Having saved from going back home or to an ATM to withdraw cash, I smile and move on. I reach the supermarket and I park my bike in the parking space dedicated to the supermarket visitors. When I reach the entrance of the supermarket, I see a huge pile of baskets placed at one side of the entrance. I quickly think over the list of things that I need to purchase and grab one basket from the pile. The list of things is not extensive, but anyways I decide to carry a basket along.

As I step inside the supermarket and look around, I get completed mesmerised by the huge collection of household and food stuff that I see. I see that everything in the supermarket is categorised and placed on different shelves. I walk around section by section and pick up required stuff from the shelves. When I reach the beauty soaps’ section, I get amazed after seeing the wide variety of soaps placed on the shelf. I start comparing the soaps based on the price, weight and content. I am glad to see the discount offers that the supermarket provided. After a long comparison, I pick up a set of 5 Dove Soaps, place them in my basket and move ahead.

I take a quick glance at my watch and realise that I have already spent more than an hour in the supermarket. I have other things planned for the day and have not finished buying stuff that I needed yet. I move on hurriedly and pick up all the stuff that I can think of. After picking up stuff, I quickly rush to the billing counter. The salesman hands over the bill to me. I see the bill and I get to know that my expenses were more than my budget. I pay the bill anyways and walk out of the supermarket. On my way back home, I realise that I had purchased the things that were not on my list before visiting the supermarket. Also, the last-moment hurry had made me forget a few things that I required. I laugh at myself and drive on.

I learn a lesson that I need to plan before visiting a supermarket. I should make a list of things on a piece of paper or my mobile before visiting the supermarket. Also, I need to make sure my expenses do not cross my budget while I am shopping at the supermarket 🙂


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