Are they responsible for your wisdom or you are already wise? ;)

I have undergone an orthodontic treatment for getting my lower teeth aligned properly. While I was undergoing the treatment, my doctor examined the X-Ray scan of my teeth. She informed me that soon after my treatment, my wisdom teeth would start erupting. I was kind of happy then. I was always under the impression that wisdom teeth are responsible for making a person wiser.:D But over a period of time, I learned that I was wrong. We call them wisdom teeth as they start erupting at a later stage in life when a person is between 18 to 25 years. By then, a person would have already gotten wiser than he was before. And hence, the name! ūüėÄ

Currently, I have already gotten one wisdom tooth completely and three are still on the way. The pain does keep coming once every 2-3 months and lasts for a span of 2-3 days. Initially it used to be kind of disturbing, but now I have gotten used to it. I must say I have learnt to turn a blind eye towards it. ūüėÄ These teeth take years to completely come out as they slowly push the other teeth to create space for themselves.

There are a few myths about wisdom teeth. Many people believe that wisdom teeth have to be pulled off always. Generally doctors do suggest for pulling them off when there is lack of space available for their eruption. But, in some cases, the removal is just not required. So, if your doctor suggests for removal, please do get a second opinion on that. Also, during eruption of the wisdom tooth, keep it as clean as possible. Use a mouthwash¬†often and brush the tooth well.¬†Don’t worry if you are not able to reach the¬†tooth with a brush or if it’s too painful to use one.¬†Use your finger instead of the brush or just using a mouthwash should be good enough to keep them healthy.¬†There are cases where the wisdom tooth has to be removed because it gets worn out due to ignorance. Taking care of the tooth can save you from the¬†pain of tooth removal.


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