What’s the hurry for?

I have been driving in Bangalore since the last 5 years. At times, the traffic in the city gets really unpredictable and there is too much of chaos on the roads. A simple analysis while driving can make you find out what are the reasons for major traffic jams.

Traffic jams happen majorly on account of steps taken by people driving in haste. I believe that each one of us has a purpose while driving. We need to reach a destination, peacefully and safely, within a planned duration. Does driving in haste solve this purpose? Haste only leads to traffic jams, and in turn more delays, frustration and even worse accidents. We might reach our destination on time by rushing, breaking the rules and creating some chaos on the road today, but would that happen every day? And how good is it to create chaos in a public place for the benefit of a single person?

In haste, people tend to break the rules. For instance, people who need to take a turn towards the right, wait on the left side near the signal. When the traffic signal turns green, they rush towards the right side and block all the other people behind them. Time is equally precious for the people waiting behind, but they have to face the chaos, delays and frustration only because of mistakes of such people.

Also, it is often noticed that people honk horns unnecessarily when they get stuck in a traffic jam. When there is a jam, a person will be able to move forward only when he gets some space. What is the point in continuously honking horns? Where will the person go if there is no space in front of his vehicle? Honking horns unnecessarily only leads to noise pollution and more frustration. We should understand that the person in front of us needs to be given some time to find space and then move forward. If he doesn’t get space, he can’t fly into the sky like a super-car driver and create space for us 😀

Despite the fact that we often face chaos on the roads, I try my best to keep my cool in heavy traffic and enjoy my journey from one place to another. And from my experience, I can say that driving peacefully and safely in the traffic can only make our driving experience a very enjoyable one. Also, following the rules, can only help us get rid of the jams and reach our destination on time. It’s high time we give a thought to this and behave like responsible citizens!


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