Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift

A few weeks back, my husband and I watched the movie “Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift”. We really love the Ice Age series and have enjoyed watching every movie from the series. Even now, when any of them is telecasted on television, we don’t miss watching it. When we got to know, a new movie is going to be released, we got really excited and were looking forward to its release.

When the movie was released, we were tied up with other work which was more urgent, and hence we couldn’t watch the movie during the first 2 weeks of its release. So, when we got free, the first thing that we planned on the weekend was to watch this movie.

We enjoyed the movie a lot. Like other movies from the series this one was also good. But, if I’d compare it with the previous ones technically, this one had a weaker story line. The 3D effects were undoubtedly very good, but previous stories were sweeter and more funnier 🙂 Having stated the differences, I’d repeat we still enjoyed the movie a lot.

The dialogue to be remembered from the movie is the one quoted by Sid, “No matter what, you never leave a friend behind!”.Animated movies are so much fun to watch and I wonder if we’d ever stop watching them no matter how old we grow 😀


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